Top 10 Exercises To Lose Weight Fast At Home


Exercise #2: Mountain Climber & Sit Throughs

For this exercise, you’re going to do 4 mountain climbers for every two sit throughs.

I’m sure most people know how to perform mountain climbers. These are the same mountain climbers that you probably do in the gym class.

Whenever you hop one of your knees up to your chest, it counts as one. So, you shuffle your feet four times, and then you do 2 sit throughs.

The sit through is done by starting in a pushup position, then lifting one hand off the ground and your opposite leg off the ground.

Now bring your hand up to your head, and kick the other leg through as you turn your hips, and your body enough for your butt to barely tap the ground.

Then return back to the pushup position, and repeat for the other side. Once you finish with those 2 sit throughs, go right back to mountain climbers.

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