Top 10 Exercises To Lose Weight Fast At Home

Top 10 Exercises To Lose Weight Fast At Home

Are you looking for workouts and exercises, that you could do at your home, while still being effective enough to help you lose weight and body fat, and with no gym equipment? Well, you are in the right place

Here are the 10 best exercises to lose weight fast at home. If your goal is to lose belly fat or to lose weight, these workouts are specifically for weight loss.

These fat-burning workouts can be modified for beginners, as well as advanced people to burn fat with no gym equipment.

Exercise #1: Jumping Jack & Burpee Combo

Starting with the first exercise, it’s a combination of jumping jacks and burpees. Burpees are one of the most effective exercises to get your heart rate up, and it also works your upper and your lower body.

To do jumping jacks, just stand straight up, then jump your feet out and raise your arms over your head and you’re going to do that 5 times.

Then, perform the burpee, by bending your back and lowering yourself down to the ground. As you place your hands on the floor.

Next, jump your feet out and get into a push-up position, and lower yourself down for the push-up, then hop your feet back-in and jump up.

If this is too difficult for you, try to walk your feet out, one foot at a time instead of hoping.

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you’ll have to do 5 jumping jacks and 1 Burpee, back and forth.

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